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About Tobacco

Man's arm pointing to pie charts, bar graphs, and other charts on a computer screen. Learn more facts and figures about smoking and using tobacco products at www.BeTobaccoFree.gov.

Tobacco Facts and Figures

Tobacco is the leading cause of preventable illness and death in the United States. Get the statistics on who uses tobacco products and why they are harmful.

A neuron in your brain.  Nicotine affects how our brains work. Learn more at www.BeTobaccoFree.gov.

Tobacco and Nicotine

Tobacco is in smoked and smokeless products. Tobacco contains nicotine, a highly addictive substance. Find out what tobacco is and how it is used.

Survey on tobacco use being completed. Learn more about smoked tobacco products including  cigarettes, cigars, pipes, bidis, kreteks, and hookahs at www.BeTobaccoFree.gov

Smoked Tobacco Products

Learn more about cigarettes, cigars, pipes, bidis, kreteks, and hookahs.

Man in a baseball hat chewing smokeless tobacco. Smokeless tobacco is any tobacco product that is not burned. Learn more at www.BeTobaccoFree.gov

Smokeless Tobacco Products

Smokeless tobacco is any tobacco product that is not burned. Learn more about smokeless tobacco products.

Discussing facts, truths, and questions about  electronic cigarettes. Learn more at www.BeTobaccoFree.gov

Electronic Cigarettes

Learn more about electronic cigarettes.

Image of some tobacco-related products in consideration for regulation

New FDA Regulations

Proposed new rule would cover cigars, e-cigarettes, pipe tobacco and other retail products not currently regulated. Learn more about this proposal.